About Outreach

KEHS has always played a key role in the local community forging extensive links with local maintained primary and secondary schools and is now one of the leading schools in the country recognised nationally for its work undertaken in the local community. In 2011 it was the only independent school in the country to be awarded teaching school status; this designation has allowed the school to develop even further its outreach work with local schools. In 2012, we worked with over 500 local primary school children providing regular challenge workshops where pupils were able to experience interactive, hands on activities working in small groups. All of our gifted and talented enrichment sessions are delivered by an experienced team of KEHS staff. Our challenge workshops focus on core subjects and are aimed at stretching and challenging the most able pupils in years 4 & 5. Complementing this programme are enrichment classes in music and drama, as well as modern and classical languages. Our enrichment classes and activities are tailor made to suit the needs of the individual school.
Harry Kavanagh, our academic scholarship co ordinator, delivers Maths master classes for post 16 students which are attended by 6th form students and their teachers from schools across the West Midlands. In addition he hosts ‘Magic in Maths’ classes for junior school children. Beth Ashfield, our Head of Maths, has recently published a book of resources for the most able junior school mathematicians and has delivered some innovative training for primary school teachers. In 2013/14 over 45 pupils from 8 state primary schools have attended Friday afternoon enrichment lessons at KEHS; these have been delivered by Sarah Shore-Nye, Claire Gruzelier, Mel Hopkinson, Susan Merrall and Marcia Atkins.  In addition we also host regular master classes for secondary school pupils in Chemistry, French and Spanish.