Our Weekly Gifted and Talented Classes

This year there are seven primary schools from across Birmingham taking part in our weekly Primary Outreach classes which are held on Friday afternoons at KEHS. Gifted and Talented children in Years 5 and 6 spend four weeks following Maths, English, Science and Spanish classes. They are taught by specialist KEHS teachers with the help of some of our Sixth formers. After four weeks, the groups rotate to complete all the courses over the academic year. The classes are a lot of fun – recent activities have included:

  • A treasure hunt, a murder mystery and card tricks in Maths classes
  • Various lab based experiments in Science classes including looking for insects in leaf litter and dissecting owl pellets
  • Singing and learning about Hispanic cultural topics such as the Day of the Dead in Spanish classes
  • Word games and poetry writing in English classes

We hope the children have enjoyed themselves and learned lots of new things, as well as gaining a little insight into life at secondary school!

If you would like to register your school’s interest for our sessions in 2017-2018, please do not hesitate to get in touch at ts@kehsmail.co.uk


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